DVA – Dental Ventures of America 


A market leader in Model Systems, Die Management Products, Dental Waxes, as well as Porcelain and other Acrylic Specialty Products.

Dental Ventures of America has been setting high standards in the Dental Industry for over 25 years!


Dental Ventures of America, Inc. is proudly a family business based in California, USA. They have, through the years, established a high standard in the Dental Industry for expert product innovation.

Since DVA’s introduction of the ZAPIT System in the early 1980’s, they have continually developed and introduced products designed to simplify the Dental Technician’s daily tasks and improve the accuracy of laboratory fabrication techniques. Some of their evolving product ranges have now been developed to assist the Dentist, in increasing quality and efficiency in the practice.

They are committed to continually finding and developing new “Products that Perform.”

Megadent proudly represents and are the Sole Agents for Dental Ventures of America Products in Southern Africa. Well known products such as Zircon-Brite, Acryl Marvel and Waxi-Paste, which are already very popular, are just a few of the fantastic products from Dental Ventures of America.

The online store is currently closed as we're updating our inventory. Please email info@megadent.co.za to place orders in the interim.