EVE – Polishing Systems – Made in Germany


Silicone polishers and grinders systems for Composite, Ceramics, Zirconia and Precious and Non-Precious Metals.

EVE is a family business, based in Pforzheim, near the Black Forest, in Germany and was established in 1925 as a leader in Polishing Systems for Dentistry. EVE was the first company to innovate the world’s first diamond and silicone combination polisher-now known as the popular Diapol, used for Ceramic processing!

EVE continues as an innovative technology leader for silicone rotary polishing and grinding instruments. The product range includes polishers and grinders, in different shapes and grits. It allows for application on Dental composites, ceramics and metals.

Every single one of EVE’s products is unique in its composition so that it may offer the user the best possible result in the least amount of time. This, with correct use, will result in Perfect Surfaces!

EVE’s large product range covers all Dental Clinical & Laboratory’s needs, as well as, Jewellery Production Finishing, Cosmetic Treatments and Precision Mechanics.
Why choose an EVE polisher?

Better surface results, shorter processing time, longer lifespan. Polisher/ Grinder for every Dental requirement. High-end quality made in Germany!

Tips when using an EVE polisher:

1. Use less pressure and low RPM’s will give best results and longevity to your EVE polisher.
2. Follow the advised polishing steps in each polishing system and do not contaminate designated polishers with other materials.
3. Follow sterilization instruction strictly for silicone and store polishers in a suitable bur stand at all times.

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Megadent represents and carries EVE’s full product range distributed via our Dealer network in Southern Africa.

Our Megadent EVE Sales Specialist is available for any technical queries regarding any of EVE polishers/grinders.

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