Manufacturing Dental top quality burs Since 1918


Diamond, Sintered Diamond Burs, Discs and Strips, as well as, Tungsten Carbide and CAD/CAM Cutters for the Clinical and Laboratory Dental Industry.

Horico History

Horico is a family business and has been manufacturing burs for over 100 years in their factories in Berlin and Hanover, Germany.

As a family business, the recipe of manufacturing one of the top quality bur brands has been passed down over four generations and they pride themselves on this fact.

Horico continues extensive research in developing new innovations of dental burs and never compromise on high German standards of manufacturing.

Megadent has been the Sole Distributor for Horico in the Southern African market since 1996.


Why choose a Horico bur?

HORICO rotary instruments combine precision quality, longer life and value for money.

Horico bur shanks have been reinforced in order to protect the user’s handpiece, resulting in better handling and a longer product life, plus, most important, saving money on hand-piece maintenance.

We suggest all Diamond burs are maintained with the use of the Diaclean sharpening stone. This stone removes any debris from the diamonds and sharpens the burs prior to sterilization. The Diaclean stone has proven to give Horico diamond burs longevity.

Horico burs come in one of the widest range of different shapes and grits of Diamond and Sintered Diamond burs, Discs and Separating Strips, as well as, Tungsten Carbide and CAD/CAM cutters.

Megadent carries and stocks Horico’s full range of burs for Clinical and Laboratory and we are always stock intensive.

We offer, through our Dealer network ‘live’ bur wallets to view the full range of Horico burs, to make ordering easier.

Megadent staff are available to assist with any queries and exact recommendations of technical use, as well as, support from Horico.

Horico burs are all CE Certified, ensuring high-quality standards and safety


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Maintenance = Longevity!

View all the diamond cutters, carbide crown cutters and drills, separating strips, diamond blades, sintered diamond instruments, steel carbonate discs, carbide cutters and polishers from our website. Here you will find innovations such as Diaflex®, Superdiaflex® and Superapid® and our best-selling gold-plated Lion burs grinder (ideal for zircon), black carbide cutters and the smallest diamond balls in the world, in the latest Horico Catalogues or call your nearest Dealer to view ‘live’ Horico wallets.

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