Megadenta Mega-M LC Flow  – Light Curing Modellation Material


  • Single syringe 3g
  • Available in blue, pink and transparent
  • Assortment of packages with 3/4 syringes
  • Light curing modellation resin, for blocing out undercuts, melting blocs, Inlay/Onlay modellations, etc.
  • Ready to use paste in syringe
  • Perfectly aligned viscosity of gel for quick and precise application
  • Stays where placed – does not run – therefore very economical
  • Long working time (> 20 min.) – Short curing time (< 5 min.)
  • Cures in most conventional light curing units (320nm – 500nm)
  • Like “light curing wax“
  • Burns out free

Mega-M LC

Easy modellation. Exact application with canule. For modellation of singlecup/crowns and bridges.

Mega-M LC Flow

Easy control of the applied thickness

Light cured cases can be lifted off easily and stress free

Easy to grind with carbide burs or rubber polishers

No distortion, high surface hardness and great strength

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